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Today, value for experience is high on your customers’ agenda. Due to the ever-changing socio-economic climate, deciding whether to dine out is now a big choice for consumers so, you must ensure that you can offer an experience that matches their expectations.

Introducing Pizza Perfettissima, our range of mouth-watering pizzas designed to satisfy every consumer need with traditional production techniques, high-quality ingredients, and served from kitchen to plate in as little as four minutes.¹
That all add up to one thing – incredible moments.

1 When cooked in an accelerated oven.


Exceptional food quality and authentic ingredients are the bedrock of delivering a fantastic all-round experience and the key factor driving repeat visits and successful growth. We have the perfect range to meet every requirement for customers choosing to eat out of home.

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Designed to deliver a taste of tradition, Pizza Perfettissima stands for perfection: delivering an Italian-inspired pizza experience every time. Combining its consistent results with its perfectly imperfect form and the ability to ease your back of house operations, Perfettissima is the perfect solution.

Make sure that every moment your customers have is as authentic as our Pizza Perfettissima.


Versatile, innovative, and unforgettable, Pizza Perfettissima is crafted with hand-made character, you can either create the next mega food trend or simply serve a fully topped, delicious pizza to your customers. Our experts are on hand to work with you to help drive your business with tailored solutions based on your customers’ needs.

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Experiment with tradition, learn how to create a Reuben sandwich from our Perfettissima base. Explore our guide that offers innovative twists on classic dishes and discover how to redefine authentic with Pizza Perfettissima.

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