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Make it an occasion

As guests’ expectations rise in line with the cost of eating out and the ever-growing trend of staycation-ing, it’s vital that your menu is back of house friendly and as brilliant as your customers’ day out.

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Lunchtimes give people the opportunity to unwind, fuel-up, and prepare for the day ahead of them. Make sure you’re offering the right things to inspire and motivate your customers through the rest of their day.

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Capitalising on the Christmas holiday is a strategic move that goes beyond short term gains; it offers a unique chance to boost revenue and customer engagement.

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For retailers and manufacturers, the spooky season is anticipated to grow even more in 2023, presenting new opportunities for expanded ranges in confectionery and party ready sips.

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The global shift towards plant-based diets has sparked a revolution in the food industry with major food manufacturers and retailers embracing the change.

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