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For retailers and manufacturers, the spooky season is anticipated to grow even more in 2023, presenting new opportunities for expanded ranges in confectionery and party ready sips.

We know the Cost of Living crisis is impacting your customers, but holiday seasons and social events give them an excuse to release their pent up desires, let loose, and part with their hard earned money. This will drive demand for experimental and the “new-within-the-new” experiences such as thrilling, highly-sensory moments, from hyperreal cake illusions to bubbling, frothing, and smoking cocktails.

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of what they consume, so the demand for clean-label products and sweetener solutions is on the rise. Our Wellcare range features reduced sugar and gluten levels and is so easy to make that you’ll never look back.

Did you know that millions of people celebrated Oktoberfest last year in Munich and around the world? It’s no secret that people love this occasion so why not check out our German Market recipes and use our Pizza Perfettissima Puro base to make your own Oktoberfest inspired delicacy.

October isn’t just for Halloween,Day of the Dead is an event that is deeply rooted in Mexican culture, celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November, carrying a more sentimental and celebratory tone towards family and remembrance. Use our decorations range to create Day of the Dead cupcakes and show your customers your appreciation towards all cultures.

Dealing with waste is an integral part of any business, but wishing that you could somehow reuse those left overs that weren’t quite good enough to make it to the plate is now a thing of the past! Use our range of pizza bases and your seasonal produce to combat food waste and create new menu specials.

Make Menus that inspire

By celebrating Halloween and joining in the month-long festivities of Spooktober, you’re more likely to increase consumer engagement which can have a positive knock-on effect to your sales. It can also differentiate you from competitors and show that you are willing to adapt and indulge in your creative side – an aspect that Gen Z consumers actively seek out.

Being adventurous and creative with different menu items, from oozing, gooey texture to drinks that smoke, bubble, froth or pop, will attract adventurous customers and increase your potential customer base. Outlandish and creative eats, when done well, can create huge amount of social media buzz which can bring in customers from even further away!¹

Source¹. Halloween Forecast 2023, WGSN

Rethink what you know about decorating desserts. Our White Scotbloc is ready to be dripped, drizzled, and dunked to your heart’s content! Explore our recipes page to see examples of how you can use our Scotbloc range to create the wow with your sweet treats.



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