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The global shift towards plant-based diets has sparked a revolution in the food industry with major food manufacturers and retailers embracing the change. In the UK, one-third of Brits (34%) are either interested or plan to try a plant-based diet, with 60% of parents believing that our diets need to change in the future to help the environment.¹

Embracing Veganuary as an operator not only attracts a wider customer base, through their ability to adapt to changing dietary preferences, but also showcases their commitment to sustainability.

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Bringing more people together just got easier with Veganuary! Offering vegan options will attract customers who may not have considered your establishment and present you with the opportunity to increase your table covers. This demonstrates adaptability and inclusivity, promoting a welcoming dining experience that appeals to a wider range of tastes and preferences.

Begin your journey towards zero waste by reducing your kitchen over-stock and exploring ways of utilising otherwise wasted food. With possibilities around upcycling widening, why not try to replicate our Winter Veg Pizza or explore our range of innovative recipes.

There has been an increased demand for greater ingredient transparency from natural-leaning consumers² such as our Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder. This is a natural, non-alkalised cocoa power made from West African beans and is perfect for brownies. To build consumer trust it is important for operators to prioritise whole food ingredients over processing methods.

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Diversifying your menu so that it appeals to Vegan and Vegetarian diets doesn’t have to be tricky! Our pizza bases are vegan so you can create inclusive options for every occasion. Check out our recipes section which offers plant-based pizzas, small plates and desserts – the perfect solutions for your Veganuary needs.

On-the-go Vegan solutions

With the increasing demand for convenient and sustainable dining options, on-the-go Vegan solutions are essential to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers. Operators can tap into this lucrative market with our newest Chicago Town products: Vegan BBQ Jackfruit and Peppernoni. Designed to hot hold for up to three hours and produced with specific Vegan packaging so that you can offer the perfect solution to your customer base.

With Veganism’s ever-growing popularity, consumer expectation of quality is extremely high. To meet this requirement, our products have a range of vegan baking options to guarantee perfect results every time. These include baking aids, sprinkles, flavourings, and extracts which have been staple ingredients to create our Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Cake.

The new Chicago Town Vegan Peppernoni is the unique option to add to your menu. It cooks in as little as three minutes and helps reduce back-of-house operations with 50% fewer kitchen touchpoints. As 45% of consumers are looking for more options around Vegan pizza, this is an easy win and introduces personalised, innovative flavour combinations to your menu.³

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