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It’s important to acknowledge the potential impact of lunch on a consumer’s health and well-being, whether they’re students in college or professionals in the workplace. We understand that lunch can be a highlight of the day, and takes pride in the fact that we can help make it an enjoyable experience for all.

While convenience is important, customers also want to ensure that the food they are buying is fresh, tasty, and of good quality. They also need it to be easy to carry and eat.

People are often in a hurry when buying lunch on the go, so speed is a crucial factor. They expect their food to be ready quickly, and they may avoid places with long lines or slow service.

Chicago Town pizza slices come in branded packaging and hold hot for up to three hours.

Muffins and tiffin bites work brilliantly as take away food offerings. Get creative with these ingredients.

Love lunches

At places of work and learning, lunchtime is a really important occasion. For many, it’s the highlight of the day and provides a connection moment that shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s some key reasons why lunchtime menus deserves real attention.

The Chicago Town Balanced Choice delivers one of five a day as well as having reduced saturated fat and sugar contents. A brilliant balanced solution which hot holds for three hours.

The Wellcare range offers reduced sugar pre-made mixes, delivering the perfect foundation to your bakery goods.

light lunches

Make sure you’re offering something for every guest including those looking for light options, explore our range of more balanced choices.

Our pizza snacks hold hot for up to three hours. They are perfect served as a take-out or with a salad as a light lunch option.

Our Wellcare range of cake mixes and professional baking inclusions help you create the perfect lunch time treats.

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