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Capitalising on the Christmas holiday is a strategic move that goes beyond short term gains; it offers a unique chance to boost revenue and customer engagement.

During the festive period, consumers are more inclined to dine out, celebrate with loved ones and indulge in special culinary experiences. By crafting enticing menus, tapping into the rising desire for social connectivity and experimenting on tradition, you can maximise your profits whilst creating lasting memories for your customers.

Despite being known as the holiday of indulgence, businesses should be more climate conscious this Christmas and adopt more sustainable practices. One example of this is reducing excessive food waste. This can be achieved through utilising our Pizza Perfettisima Pura and Pomodoro bases to produce creative solutions that transform holiday leftovers and overstock into innovative menu specials.

Did you know that the desire for status-boosting food is rising, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z who are likely to share their holiday meals on social media.¹ Growing your online presence is an integral part to increasing your brand recognition and new customer base. This Christmas, focus on presentation details through creating show-stopping desserts by exploring our bakery products to add the perfect finishing touches to your dishes.

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The festive period is an occasion that brings people together. It is known for it’s ability to unify families and friends resulting in the dramatic rise for larger table numbers during December. Create solutions that appeal to everyone because catering to different dietary preferences allows for more people to comfortably dine together thus, leading to increased group visits.

Go the extra mile this Christmas and offer innovative twists on classic dishes to intrigue customers and create memorable dining experiences. Those who showcase culinary creativity have the potential to attract a broader audience and stand out within the competitive market. Why not try re-creating our mince-pie brownie recipe or even coming up with your own classical twists.

Bringing more people together

With breakfast and brunch bookings on the rise, capitalise on the festive period by offering a seasonal twist and making Christmas a bottomless brunch occasion. Increase your daytime covers and create a new revenue stream through developing a brunch menu infused with seasonal flavours and limitless drink options. Your business will produce a unique and enjoyable experience during this joyful season.

From global twists to indulgent textures, the opportunities to diversify Christmas centrepieces will rise as consumers become less bound by tradition.² Explore our Rocky Road Pizza and other festive recipes where you will be inspired to create your own exploratory menu options.

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From mocktails to boozy cocktails make a statement with your drinks offering this Christmas by focusing on detail and adding some finesse to your garnish. Increasing spend per head just got easier. Check out our Billionaire Inclusions and Chocolate Sprinkle products which have the potential to drive up your drink’s sales.