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With nine adventure parks across the country, Jump In opens its doors to over 2,000 people every day, appealing to all ages from 2 to 100. As Jordan St Germain, Jump In’s Director of Operations says, “if you can walk, you can jump!”

Birthday parties form an essential part of the offering and when Jump In’s second site in Warwick opened four years ago, getting the food offering right was a top priority.“Our key audience is 4 – 13 year olds” says Jordan, “and when it comes to deciding where to host their birthday party, trampolining is a big draw. We began by ordering in pizzas to cater for parties, but this meant a key part of the party experience – the food – was out of our control. Opening Warwick gave us the perfect opportunity to bring our pizza offering in-house, and Dr. Oetker Professional helped us achieve this.” Through partnering with Dr. Oetker Professional, Jump In was able to use the Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Four Cheese & Pepperoni Takeaway pizzas to extend beyond birthday parties, opening up new revenue streams through the café and bringing added value to session offerings.

Jordan adds; “It was the best decision we ever made to bring pizza in-house! Alongside delivering a better service for our customers, it’s opened up new opportunities for us. We can now serve pizzas at our cafés for all of our guests to enjoy and we’ve even included an after-school offering of unlimited jumping with a slice of pizza – perfect for our teenage market.

Chicago Town Pizzas are now our number one seller and Dr. Oetker Professional has become much more than a supplier of food – they’ve become a strategic partner.

Made with a unique rising dough that cooks in the oven for the first time, Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas deliver a fresh baked taste with a holding time of up to 45 minutes and can be pre-prepared in the run up to a busy service, requiring no additional skills or special equipment in the kitchen. “When it comes to our café offering, speed of delivery is so important to us” explains Jordan, “Chicago Town pizzas allow us to provide a consistent result to our customers every time, no matter how busy we are. With an identical cooking process time and time again, we can produce perfect pizzas that delight our guests.”

“Showcasing Chicago Town front-of-house means we can truly benefit from the popularity of the brand, garnering trust from the parents who are purchasing the pizzas and generating excitement from the kids who look forward to it. We’ve got plans to extend our offering even further with the arrival of the Chicago Town Deep Dish for smaller appetites – ideal for our younger audience – and I have no doubt that this will be a huge success!”

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