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Choose the real taste of Chicago from your Pizza-to-Go Experts. With a tasty range of flavours, branded disposables, and equipment advice, we have everything you need to consistently serve pizza like a pro!

How can you drive incremental Food to Go sales?

Our lifelong worship of the crust goes back over 25 years, with extensive knowledge of retail and out-of-home channels. We recognise the growing opportunity in the food-to-go market for improved quality, consistency, and convenience of a great pizza solution to drive sales.

Market Growth

The total Food-to-Go market is forecast to increase to £22.7bn in 2024*. The channel achieves credentials across price, on average being -47% cheaper than other eating out occasions, and portability for outdoor socialising, with 21% planning on purchasing food-to-go to consume in a park more in the future.

Source: *Lumina UK Food to Go Market Report 2021.

Pizza Power

Summer is the perfect time for pizza on the go! The share of pizza occasions that were consumed on the go spiked dramatically last summer. The share of lunchtime pizza food-to-go reached 63% last year, meaning pizza has been a go-to choice for all demographics due to portability and ease of consumption on the go.

Source: Lumina UK Food to Go Market Report 2021.

Portable Pizza

Customers adopted new food-to-go behaviours 2021, with 1 in 3 foodservice occasions being on the go.
Savoury food-to-go options have driven the majority of sales (76%), with options that are convenient and easy to eat being the most favoured. With 34% of consumers now experiencing ‘lunch fatigue’, consumers are looking for alternatives and appreciate menu options with a low ticket price, low interaction needed (self-serve!), appeasing both budget and safety concerns.

Source: Lumina UK Food to Go Market Report 2021.

Marketing equipment and disposables

Working with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers we offer a range of branded serving solutions, branded hot hold equipment, and marketing support to help you maximise your growth in the food-to-go category.

Unique disposables

A range of self-serve packaging including our award-winning quarter pizza slice holder.

Equipment advice

Working with the UK’s leading manufacturers, we’ve created solutions that allow our pizzas to hold hit for up to 3 hours.

Marketing activation

With over 25 years in pizza, we’re proud to be your go-to pizza experts. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you drive hot food sales.

The proof is in the pizza! Check out our customers below

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Pizza to Go Product Range

Our pizzas cook from the base up thanks to our unique fresh rising dough, to give you that real taste of Chicago. We go to town on toppings, these larger 12” stuffed crust pizzas have the crunchiest of crusts, squidgy signature tomato sauce and cheese, cheese and more cheese!


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