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Why pizza?

• Pizza's share of pub menus is at a 3-year high, but at 2.4% there is still headroom for growth; making it an important time to make the most of the pizza opportunity across your business

• Pizza occasions in pubs have doubled over the past 2 years to £19m; however, by 2021, pizza sales in pubs are estimated to be £290m

• Providing an ideal opportunity for customisation and increasing spend per head, pizza occasions drive higher value for pubs: 8% higher on average

• The demand for vegan and vegetarian options has grown tenfold, and pizza makes an adaptable menu choice

• Popular with both adults and children, pizza is a great choice for the ease of service and quality of experience required in pub restaurants

Consumers are turning to pizza as an alternative to pub classics, with out-of home pizza occasions seeing an 11% growth from 2017 to 2018; garnering real popularity among the under-35s, with 18-34 year olds accounting for 47% of pizza occasions in pubs. Value of experience and personalisation is increasingly important out of home, and pizza plays perfectly to this trend with different toppings easily swapped out. Pizza gives an ideal opportunity to boost early-week sales, with 37% of pub pizza occasions seen Monday-Wednesday; with an additional ability to tap into the growing breakfast and brunch daypart with toppings like eggs, fresh tomatoes and bacon. Pub visitors look for value over quality, which pizza can easily provide, with the ability to be tailored to offer the quick, fresh, healthier requirements increasing among pub customers.

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