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Feel Good Pizza

With schools open again, mental and social wellbeing will need added focus and providing nutritious lunch options will be even more essential.

Two pizzas on a school tray

At Dr. Oetker Professional we know operations will be restricted for some time and understand the importance of both nutrition and enjoyment. Our Balanced Choice and 1 of 5 a day pizzas have been designed to give kids a taste they love but with added nutritional benefits, and being cook-from- frozen products with minimal prep, can be delivered safely and consistently every time.

When it comes to a time saving, pre-prepared and great quality product that works with strict price-per-head guidelines, we’re here to help. Not only are our pizzas packed full of flavour, they also have the benefit of being nutrient-dense to help support balanced lifestyles and the latest food guidelines so you can feel good about the meals you’re serving, knowing that your pupils will feel good eating them. What’s more, with recent kitchen restrictions and limited staff numbers due to COVID-19 regulations, our pizzas guarantee reduced prep time, up to 50% reduction in movement around the kitchen vs making from scratch and a consistent, high quality product every time

Balanced choice                                                           
  • A recognised brand pupils know and loverising fresh dough base with mozzarella
    and mature cheddar cheese
  • Tasty stuffed crust with signature chicago town
    tomato sauce
  • Fits in gastronorm trays
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Added source of fibre
One of Five a Day

The One of Five a Day 5-inch unique dish-shaped pizza is easy to oven cook, with no food handling or prep work. The pizza is suitable for vegetarians, with a high source of protein, low sugars and reduced saturated fats.


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